Coping with Winter Blues

Monday, September 12th, 2011
Rainy Day
As the evenings draw in, it’s easy to start to feel gloomy. With one in four of us expected to succumb to winter blues or full-blown Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), here’s how you can get through the season smiling.

Eat Yourself Happy: A regular source of fruits and vegetables will help colds at bay and you feeling brighter. It really is worth avoiding those empty calories and quick fixes that will only end up leaving you even lower as they wear off.
Be Prepared: It's said that ‘there's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes'. Take heed and kit yourself out properly. A good pair of shoes will see you through a soggy walk to work nicely.

Don't hibernate: ‘One of the problems during the winter months, is that we become more of a recluse', says local Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Sue Drake. Humans are not meant to hibernate, however much you might feel like it. Hiding away won't make you feel better. ‘Avoid lie-ins as they can alter our body-clock, leave you feeling stiff and a bit down in the dumps before you even start', says local Chiropractor, Dr James Revell. Don't get stuck in bed and end up missing out on precious winter daylight. Get up at your usual time, but go to bed earlier to get more sleep.

Winter Fitness: Embrace winter and keep fit and active. Stuart Doree, sports massage therapist, suggests trying out some indoor sports or activity. Just doing some brisk walks will help keep you warm and happier!

Wake Up Smiling: Wake up with a "dawn simulator light" which floods your room with daylight. Studies show it boosts your internal body clock.

Think Positive: Learn to think positively. Negative thoughts about the winter months can cause the brain to produce depressive chemicals. Try to focus on the small positives instead even if it's little things like the train being on time or the traffic lights staying green. Tool Up: Hate de-icing the car? Don't let the morning frost catch you frantically scratching the windscreen with one of your credit cards. Invest in an ice scraper or, even avoid this hassle altogether with a night ‘car cap' from Halfords that can be whipped off in the morning (and try to leave that extra 5 minutes to scrape for a stress-free start.)

Keep it all in perspective: Remind yourself that this will pass. By Christmas, the days are already beginning to stretch again. Get out the holiday brochures and start dreaming!

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