The dangers of energy drinks

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
Can of fizzy drink

Liz Speirs' new e book, The Panic Free Steps, is written in a straightforward, evidence fuelled direction to make a statement to parents and the general public that there are many sides of panic attacks, anxiety, claustrophobia, agoraphobia and compulsive disorder, that remain unpublicised which are not related to the ‘stress' label that the medical system relies on.

Liz suffered panic attacks, anxiety, claustrophobia, agoraphobia and compulsive disorder for 29 years from the age of 11 years old. Her life was blighted in many ways as she was branded by her doctors as having a mental health issue with panic disorder and was offered prescription drugs at age 13 which she refused. She eventually gave in to the doctors' constant offer of pills for anxiety as her symptoms worsened to the point of giving up her life but her attacks continued. She had cognitive behavioural therapy and this sorted her out psychologically but the attacks were still happening.
She tried to have as normal a life as possible as she had a friendly, cheerful and ambitious nature, but ‘breathed' manually for herself during waking hours, had psychotic thoughts, had attacks whilst relaxing or was woken up from sleep with breathing problems, shook violently after an attack, had red lined eyes, had a constant hunger for food, was constantly hyper, had memory loss, missed important events, talked at speed, felt confused and disorientated, looked and acted like she was on drugs, felt she was dying every day and night with heart attack symptoms, held onto walls to get to work, saw bright flashing lights, suffered nausea and many more symptoms. Her inner drive and personality kept her going as she knew that she was ‘sane' even after suffering all these events and did not give up on finding a solution.

Her doctors continued to offer therapy and prescription drugs but none of these had worked in the past to cure the attacks and so she continued on for years and years in the same vicious circle of events with no solution.
At age 39, something made her cut caffeine out of her drinks and her attacks reduced. This was a revelation and she started food diaries. She cut all additives, chemicals, preservatives, and alcohol from her diet and all her conditions reduced drastically again within a few weeks. It took another few months, while she tested out different products, to find that at least 8 chemicals and additives were the triggers for her attacks and brought her symptoms on in minutes. Other investigative theories of hers then completely removed Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia and Compulsive Disorder from her life just after her 40th birthday.

Speirs' says "Whilst I was writing my book (The Panic Free Steps) and gathering my evidence, I was having to revisit my past. Everything was fresh in my mind and that made me look at the marketing of foods and drinks in today's heavily funded advertisements.
Walking through the supermarket, I was shocked to see an Aisle named ‘Energy Drinks'. This means more money for the supermarket and the makers of the products and more ill health for us and our children."

The high amounts of caffeine in Energy Drinks can offset our sensitive systems and set off Panic Attacks and Anxiety, in children and young adults especially. Adults are affected also and the effects of caffeine, CO2 in products and sweeteners can be extreme.
In an abstract from Health Care Providers, extracted from Speirs' new ebook, she shows that they have found increasing amounts of young adults experiencing negative effects of caffeine.

"Energy Drinks - A New Health Hazard for Adolescents
Health care providers report that they have seen the following effects from the consumption of energy drinks: dehydration, accelerated heart rates, anxiety, seizures, acute mania, and strokes."*

Another abstract from controlled laboratory tests, quoted in Speirs' book, is the evidence of what caffeine is capable of doing.

"Excessive caffeine ingestion leads to symptoms that overlap with those of many psychiatric disorders. Caffeine is implicated in the exacerbation of anxiety and sleep disorders, and people with eating disorders often misuse it. It antagonises adenosine receptors, which may potentiate dopaminergic activity and exacerbate psychosis." *

Speirs' book then follows her investigations with other chemicals and additives in our everyday foods and drinks and the environment with mind-blowing evidence that these elements alone bring on all the panic symptoms in healthy humans. For those suffering with depression or anxiety and panic attack sufferers, the effects of these substances are excessive.

When you are alerted to a health issue for yourself or your family, the extra care that you do take in reading labels on foods, drinks, over-the-counter medicines, becomes an everyday occurrence but this should be something you always check as there are hidden chemicals in most of the foods we buy in the Supermarket. In a lot of foods and drinks, the companies use sweeteners, which have been passed by our government as safe but Liz found very recent evidence that contradicts that. One particular sweetener, when ingested, breaks down to embalming fluid and was actually retracted from manufacturing in the 70's as it was found to make holes in rat's brains!

Unfortunately, Speirs' proves in her book that with her lifespan, greed by drug and food companies, the ‘Greenhouse Effect' and scientifically controlled laboratory tests that are not made available to the general public, that we indeed live in a dangerous world.

Speirs wrote her book to tell her story of everyday struggles with life and the amazing revelations that have brought her back to a normal life. In doing so, she hopes that everyone at least reads her book to make themselves aware of the hidden dangers for them and their children and to help people with any illness realise that there is hope out there, whatever your condition may be and that you can be in control of your own body through your diet.

Advance copies of the book are available at in pdf (for download to computers), Kindle, Ipad and Nook versions for $6.00 (£3.90 approximately). The book's publication date is Feb 2012