Keep high cholesterol in check

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
Help Cholestrol
Keep high cholesterol in check with new plant sterol gel supplement from Works with Water Nutraceuticals.

Innovative UK brand Works with Water Nutraceuticals has launched a new ready-to-eat gel supplement that looks and tastes like an indulgent treat, but is specifically formulated to help lower cholesterol. Aptly named help: cholesterol (RRP £9.99), the product will be on shelf from 21st October across selected Boots and Waitrose stores nationwide.

Different from other plant sterols products, help: cholesterol is eaten straight out of the sachet. It is perfect for those who are always on the go and are looking for a heart health supplement that fits their busy life.

Each 20g serving of natural orange flavoured help: cholesterol gel contains 0.8g of active plant sterols, which are scientifically proven to help lower cholesterol when consumed as part of a healthy diet.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved plant sterols as one of the first food ingredients to have proven heart health benefits.[1]

Plant sterols are plant compounds with a similar chemical structure to cholesterol and are known to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the human body.[2] They are present in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and grains[3], but to activate the cholesterol lowering effect, a person needs to consume 1.6g of plant sterols daily[4], which corresponds to two help: cholesterol gel sticks a day.

To fit in with your lifestyle, you can consume help: cholesterol gels in conjunction with other food products that contain plant sterols to reach the minimum daily amount of 1.6g. This gives you the flexibility to decide if you want to eat help: cholesterol gels on a daily basis or only when you're on the go and not able to achieve your 1.6g of plant sterols daily intake through any other sources.

help: cholesterol is free from artificial colours and flavours, suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, coeliacs and anyone on a calorie controlled diet.

Stockist details

help: cholesterol will be available from Boots and Waitrose from 21st October.

Other products from the Works with Water Nutraceuticals range - including help: blood pressure and help: clear skin - are available from Superdrug and Holland & Barrett as well as Boots and Waitrose.