Local Therapist Spotlight on Shiatsu

Monday, September 12th, 2011
Amy Law-Smith
Local Shiatsu practitioner, Amy Law-Smith talks to Wellbeing about the evolution of her practice, her own development as a practitioner, and her passion for this ancient therapy.

Life is an exciting journey and my shiatsu training has been with me through the last seven years of my life. During this time the lessons that I have learnt have been life defining and from these experiences my Shiatsu has evolved. It went from being a practice that I read about in a book and understood on an academic level to something that became very personal to me, working with energy became a way of life, a state of being.

Shiatsu is therapy that works on all levels of a person, it is many things to many people. People seek Shiatsu for various reasons; relief from physical problems, emotional pain, or just simply a space for them to be.

In my work, my commitment to my own development means I am able to work with whatever people bring and I work towards the changes they want to create in their lives.

I am by nature a person that seeks truth, clarity and love. I believe that a person's truth, power and knowing are within themselves and I work to empower, to enable people to go where they want to and to be all that they want to be.
Although Life is a journey, it is a journey with no end destination other than to just be - with the support of the special people in my life - the peace and stillness I have inside, are the biggest gifts imaginable, I would like to thank those people very much.

Shiatsu is a gently hands on therapy that works to stimulate the energy flow within the body, to correct imbalances and promote well-being. Shiatsu is done on a futon on the floor, treatments take place fully clothed, from my Shiatsu room in Eastbourne.

I am open to home visits if this is preferable. I am also open to any questions people may have about the way I work or anything I do. 01323 749747 | 07971380547 | arlawsmith @hotmail.com