Pow Wow Anyone?

Camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however glam we try to make it with expensive camp sites and bunting.
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
Let's face it, you're outdoors, there are bugs and it usually rains, or looks like it's going to. That said, my recent journeys have led me to find the joy of pow wows. Having studied Shamanism and developed a close relationship with my Native American Spirit Guide, I was excited to discover that these sacred ceremonies exist here in UK. To enjoy a pow wow fully, it is best to camp on site, as they tend to last a couple of days and to my surprise, I found that the joy of sitting around a fire under the stars more than made up for the bugs.

At a pow wow, the dance area which is usually an open space such as a field, is blessed. Healing is sent out, to the earth and to all people who are in need. The dance, drumming and singing carry this blessing further. The first two pow wows I attended were good, I felt that I was meant to be there. At the third pow wow, I had an epiphany. As I sat inside a friend's tipi with the smell of burning sage, and the sound of the drumming in the background, it all came together. At once I felt the bigger picture of the Native American culture and the essence of earth healing. I suddenly saw all of the complications of our busy lives and they seemed unnecessary. Being at one with nature is simple, pure and free and in spending time blessing and healing our planet, we in turn are blessed and healed. www.tribal-angel.com, tribalangel3 @ gmail.com