Prevent colds and flu by changing your breathing

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Learning to reduce your breathing can kickstart your immune system and strengthen your constitution, according to Russian breathing method Buteyko.

A blocked nose and constant colds and flu are both sure signs that you're over-breathing says local Buteyko practitioner Martha Roe.

Martha, a former science teacher from Lewes, used to dread the winter term when kids would come in with sniffles. "I was in bed for six weeks every winter with colds and flu," says Martha, whose health was fragile for 15 years due to ME and chronic fatigue. "Since I corrected my breathing over three years ago I haven't had any colds or flu - it feels fantastic!"

Martha learnt the Buteyko method in 2007 from Christopher Drake - the first Western Buteyko practitioner. Christopher has trained more than 14,000 students to reduce their breathing and reverse chronic conditions. Martha was so impressed with the results she trained to be a Buteyko practitioner herself.

Here Martha gives 3 surprising facts about breathing.

FACT 1 Healthy breathing is about 3-4 litres a minute. "The perfect man breathes as if he's not breathing," says the classic Chinese text Tao Te Ching. But most people are breathing 2- 6 times more than they should and this knocks their body chemistry out of balance.

FACT 2 You're probably over breathing if you wake up feeling unrefreshed and sluggish, breathe through the mouth when in a hurry, frequently get a blocked nose, get upset easily and lose your energy.

FACT 3 Learning to reduce your breathing reverses all chronic symptoms such as allergies and asthma, anxiety, eczema, irritability and depression, high blood pressure, angina, IBS and migraine, low energy, pain and ME.

Find out more about the Buteyko method at a free talk from Learn Buteyko this autumn. Martha and Christopher are hosting talks at Lewes Werks 14 Oct 7-9pm or Brighton Natural Health Centre 27 Oct 7-9pm. For more info and