The secret skincare ingredient

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
Wellbeing investigates some of the more unsual ingredients in your skincare. A few years ago the latest buzz word in skincare was organic, endless articles explaining the benefits of organic and paraben free products.

However over the last couple of years new ways of creating skincare products have found their way on to the shelves. These new secret ingredients, energy, sound and light have been used to transform our daily skincare routine into something a little more extraordinary.

Many more people are understanding the importance of energy, sound and light in healing. Treatments such as acupuncture, reiki, shiatsu, sound, colour and light therapy have been used successfully for many years in treating certain conditions and illnesses.

Some may have heard of the work of Dr. Masaru Emato, who discovered that water holds memory and that the molecular structure could be changed by thought, sound and words.

We have seen how flower essences can transform peoples thought process and homeopathy has been used to treat all manner of conditions so it shouldn't seem that unusual that these processes and ideas are now being used in beauty and skincare treatments.


A recent conversation with Marian Bourne creator of Celgenics explained how she has taken the work of Dr. Masaru Emato and has been energising spring water before sending it off to her carefully selected skincare manufacturer in Sweden. This water is then combined with their swedish natural spring water. Finding the right company to work with was extremely important to Marian, to ensure that the ingredients were treated with respect and the energetic process was preserved.

"Most of my work as a Nutritional therapist, Kinesiologist and Cranio Sacral practitioner has been helping people on their journey back to health by finding the reason for their illness. Over a number of years I have discovered time and again that many problems of ill health relate to toxicity...95% of the clients I treated were unable to wear ‘normal' cosmetics or use traditional skin care products. Their skin would become itchy, red or blotchy and often they would feel nauseous. Most of them described their skin as being super-sensitive. I started by making up creams specifically suited to their skin type and problems. From there I started incorporating the natural vibrational energy from homeopathic remedies, flower essences and crystals into my creams which proved to be very successful."

Marian passionately want to expand what she was doing for private clients so created Celgenics - Skin For the Future - which has the additional advantage of working with the electromagnetic field of the body through the energetic use of vibrational remedies to help skin rejuvenate and repair.

Spirit of Beauty by Clare G Harvey


Spirit of Beauty
Clare G. Harvey's Spirit of Beauty Skincare Range is a unique combination of Orchid flower essences from the Amazonian Rain Forest and pure essential floral oils. Traditionally, morning dew was collected from petals of rare and exotic flowers after the warmth of the sun's rays had allowed the dew to absorb the wonderful healing properties of the flower. As some of the unique ingredients are obtained from the precious essences of rare orchids, Clare's skincare uses a natural ecological method of harnessing the healing properties of the flowers allowing the integrity of the plant and the flower to remain intact. A percentage of the profits is returned to the Amazonian Rain Forest to aid reforestation, research and educational projects.

Clare has also developed a range of Liquid Sound Essences. Sound, particularly harmonious sound is essential to our nature and has a profound healing effect on our well-being.

Each person vibrates at their own unique frequency and it was understood by the ancient peoples, especially the aboriginals, that every person had their own note or individual song and it was at the point that we felt most out of tune was the moment we had forgotten how to sing our song. Sound Wave essences help to restore the spin and vibration of the chakras so that they can shine with their pure colours again.

Remembering that water has the ability to "hold a memory" they are made by a process of sympathetic resonance by encapsulating sound waves from quartz crystal bowls and colour in water, and are in fact literally "liquid sound!" This liquid sound feeds in the right frequency to correct any imbalances at the subtle anatomy level. The essences are available processed using either Sun(active principle) or Moon (receptive principle) energies.

Dr Hauschka

Dr Haushka Skincare
Dr Hauschka uses the biodynamic method for creating the ingredients for their skincare. Developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in 1924, this system pre-dates the organic movement by about twenty years. Both have a lot in common: composting, no use of chemicals, crop rotation and the use of green manure but biodynamics goes further. Biodynamics regards the garden or farm as a more or less closed system. The seeds, compost and potting compost are for the most part self-produced. It uses various plant preparations which help compost to decompose better and strengthen the resistance of plants to pests and diseases and uses the rhythms of nature, the moon and planets to determine when to sow and harvest. Strong, healthy plants are the result.