Wealth Workout

Sunday, May 8th, 2011
Piggy Bank
I want to offer you the chance to experience some wealth wellness coaching. Actually, it is more self-coaching as you not only do the workout; you also have to ask yourself the questions. So as you can see this is not an article in the normal sense. It will make you think and it will challenge you, only if you take part and fully engage, by this I mean, you find a quiet place, you find some quiet time and you find a working pen. Once these three things are in place you then need to answer the questions honestly, to your best ability, and do not censor your answers.

What does Wealth mean to you?
How did you decide what wealth means to you? Was is from your childhood, family beliefs, media, celebrities, community, etc.?

It is important that you fully understand where your ideas and beliefs about wealth come from because you may be repeating un-resourceful behaviour and thought patters about wealth which no longer serve you well.

Cost of wealth
Write a list of the sayings you repeat about money? Such as, ‘Money is the root of all evil', ‘Health is better than wealth', ‘Money isn't everything', ‘The best things in life are free', ‘The rich know not who is his friend', ‘Money doesn't grow on trees'. Add your own to the list. Now from your list select a negative saying about money, one which you say often.

By having these sayings in your life, how, and by how much, has it cost you:

Personally? (lost friends, family, etc.)
Professionally? (missed promotions, job opportunities, etc.)
Financially? (debts, low wage, no investments, etc.)

I know that cannot have been a pleasant experience and sometimes we have to look at the painful costs of behaviours to give ourselves some momentum to take action to change things.
Going back to my first question about the definition of wealth, I would like you to spend some time to answer this question truthfully.

What would you do, if you had unlimited wealth?
According to bestselling author, Timothy Ferris, in his book, The 4-Hour Work Week. Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere And Join The New Rich,
‘The objective is to create freedom of time and place and use both however you want.'
Most of us would have buying objects, houses, cars, designer gear, etc., but the usual end goal of owning all these objects and goods, for most of us, is happiness. Buying happiness in a jar, car or bar!
In his book The Science of Success, Wallace D. Wattles states,

‘There is nothing wrong in wanting to get rich.'

My last wealth workout questions for you to think about are,

How did that last sentence make you feel?

What did you say to yourself as you read it?

How has your reaction to this type of sentence affected your whole life?

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